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Blind Spot Sticker - Angel Morts Sticker for increased road safety in France

The blind spot sticker, also known as Angel Morts sticker, is a small, self-adhesive warning sign that is applied to the outside of a vehicle. Its purpose is to alert other road users to potential "blind spots" that a vehicle driver may not be in when reversing or turning. The decal is available in a variety of colors and sizes and can be easily applied to any clean smooth surface.

Angles Mort blind spot stickers are mandatory for vehicles over 3.5t in France.
We offer the stickers for RV, truck and bus.

Size: 170*250mm

Scope of delivery: 3 stickers

advantages compared to comparable articles:

  • ORAFOL® high-performance adhesive film
  • removable without residue, grabs Vehicle paint not on
  • gray back: prevents the background from showing through
  • Air duct film - simply wipe away air bubbles after sticking them on!
  • UV protective laminate prevents yellowing
  • B1 fire protection certified film

Please pay attention to the motif suitable for your vehicle:
Motorhome drivers should use stickers with the bus symbol.

"RV drivers are recommended to use a sticker with a bus symbol because the RVs are vehicles for passenger transport and not for the transport of goods."

Anyone who disregards the new regulation risks a
fine of 135 euros .


The warning notices (prescribed height 25 cm, width 17 cm) must be attached to both sides of the vehicle and to the rear . The lighting equipment and the driver's view must not be covered either.