Opel Motorsport windscreen sticker - 55 cm, weather resistant and easy to apply

Opel Motorsport windshield sticker


  • Opel Motorsport windshield sticker
  • Made from durable and weather resistant foil
  • Contour cut and UV resistant
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Size: 55cm
  • Suitable for most vehicle models


  • Gives your vehicle a sporty look
  • Shows your enthusiasm for motorsport
  • Easy to attach and remove without damaging the screen
  • Durable material to last a long time

Product description:

With this high-quality Opel Motorsport windscreen sticker you can give your vehicle a sporty touch and express your passion for motorsport. The decal is made of durable vinyl and adheres securely to the windshield without leaving any residue.

Order your Opel Motorsport windscreen sticker today and express your motorsport enthusiasm!